Voice calls

We create new possibilities and deliver value to individuals, families, businesses, communities, and society in general by connecting all.Srivari Voice gives you seamless transition for flexible, scalable, IP communications.register your complete number blocks, including voice channel capacity, with more flexibility and security at lower costs.Easy integration of new services and immediate solution for all office locations Regulation-compliant, future-proof.

Discover the Benefits

Business as usual

Everything remains the same for your employees. You choose when to introduce additional features.

Cost efficient

Connect multiple branch offices and make calls between them at no additional cost.

Improve your systems

Keep the phones you are accustomed to and upgrade your telephony to cloud quality.

Efficient & Productive

Nconnect Voice ensures companies solve communication challenges and stay ahead of the game.

Quality of speech

Voice delivers superior digitalvoice services, leveraging legacy on-site systems.

Reliability plus

Nconnect Voice services are hosted on redundant datacentres, making them virtually fail-safe.

Business boost

Improved business processes from Nconnect Voice impact employee and customer satisfaction and more.

Team building

Brings flexible communications to legacy systems, ideal for teams in various location