Bulk Internet Business

Wholesale Broadband enables you to provide a full suite of broadband access technologies including ADSL, FTTC and FTTP to your customers. Integrate directly with srivari's infrastructure to improve customer service and reduce your operational costs.Plugging into our cutting-edge network gives your customers the reliability, scalability, capacity and resilience they need as demand for bandwidth and always-on connectivity continues to increase. What's more, our network investments mean that we are ready today to offer Ultrafast connectivity.

Key benefits for wholesale customers:

  • L2TP delivered copper and fibre broadband and fibre Ethernet.
  • Customers with their own Realm and IP Addressing can make use of our managed offering meaning no investment in infrastructure.
  • Comprehensive broadband portfolio including ADSL2+, Annex M, FTTC and FTTP.
  • Feature-rich portal and API.
  • Diverse 10Gbps interconnects in Manchester or London.
  • 24/7 network monitoring and service desk.
  • Easy access to the highly skilled and experienced team that built our network.
  • Dedicated onboarding and project managers to support asset migration.
  • Bespoke training support for your teams.
  • Volume driven, highly competitive and tailored commercials.
  • Flexible billing options

Wholesale features:

  • We take care of your datacentre infrastructure.
  • We will manage and maintain your network.
  • We will host, distribute and manage your IP addresses.
  • We broadcast your IP addresses.
  • We provide RADIUS capability for you.
  • We terminate traffic for you.